Does Positive Parenting Work?

Types of parenting styles

Parenting can be daunting, no matter how often you do it. Some people assume that what they couldn’t do right with the first kid can be rectified with the second, forgetting that their equation with all their children is neither isolated nor singular. Every child you parent has influences on their siblings and the dynamic of your family, and no nothing about parenting a child should be experimental.

Raising a kid is a one-time opportunity; you cannot leave it to chance or trial and error. You must give it your all and do everything possible to raise an upright and socially evolved individual. No matter the circumstances, as a parent, it is your responsibility to allow your children to grow into the best version of themselves, and that’s only possible when your parenting style is fit for the task.

Positive parenting has grown in popularity recently, with videos and trends highlighting its benefits to the masses. It is an evidence-based parenting style that negates traditional parenting styles in every way possible.

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What Is Positive Parenting?

Positive parenting focuses on a child’s strengths instead of weaknesses to guide their behavior toward the desired outcome. It is rooted in empathy and focuses on one-on-one time more instead of using punishment and nagging to fix problematic behavior. Parents fulfill the emotional needs of their children and don’t pressure them into things they don’t like or want to do.

In a way, positive parenting entails allowing children to accept and work on their strengths and talents. Parents respond to their good behavior with positive reaffirmations and refrain from criticizing their bad behavior. Of course, the bad behavior doesn’t go unnoticed but is rather discussed and painted as disappointing subtly.

For comparison, here’s a quick review of other parenting styles:

Other Types of Parenting Styles:

  • Permissive:This parenting style gives free rein to the children, allowing them to do whatever their heart desires. It is big on coddling and nurturing harmful characteristics.
  • Authoritative:With this, parents can set clear boundaries and rules for their children as well as open means of communication. It is focused on collaboration instead of submission.
  • Authoritarian:This parent-driven style puts too much pressure on children to obey rules. Additionally, it doesn’t take their opinions and feelings into account.
  • Neglectful:This is self-explanatory and the worst of its kind. Neglectful parents have no regard for their children’s emotional and social needs.

Does Positive Parenting Work?

Several studies hail the positive parenting style as the best parenting style as it is focused on nurturing and guiding a child toward positive character. Furthermore, there is plenty of research data and evidence against the authoritarian parenting style, calling it destructive and harmful for young adults. Children are likely to rebel because of constant nagging and nit-picking, whereas positive parenting makes them feel appreciated and accepted.

More studies attest that positively parented children are more confident and comfortable in their skin than their peers. My book, “Chasing the Dark,” explores the downside of neglectful parenting in detail. Get your copy now for an in-depth review of single motherhood.

Bottom Line:

Being a parent means you are responsible for shaping another human’s life which is why you must commit to the task wholeheartedly and do only your best.

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