The Importance of Family Values & Support System

Strong Family System

Our values are the determining force in our personal and professional life. Most of us might think we don’t have any boundaries beyond what our morals dictate, but when the time comes to make unconventional decisions, we realize that we can’t negate our beliefs despite our “open-mindedness.”

The Importance of Values in the Family System

Our values keep us tethered to our reality and are a good measure of what makes us happy and what we want from our life. As per Curran, values are the 7th most important characteristic of a healthy family as they give families perspective on the world around them and provide them with a solid background to grow into a better version of themselves.  

Positive values in a family system make room for camaraderie and dependence in times of crisis. It allows individuals to feel hopeful and supported when faced with an inevitable defeat. They know that their family will support them through thick and thin and will be ready to guide them out of a sticky situation, no matter the consequences.

Family values guarantee that an individual is loved, protected, and cared for despite their affiliations. If there is ever a time when a family member deviates from the values, other members help them find their roots with repeated interventions. Children who grow up in solid family systems have guidance available to them readily. Adults take a special interest in their lives and help them wherever possible to make them responsible members of society.

Support Beyond Family

No human can control the circumstances around their birth. We cannot choose our family, race, financial background or everything else that is predetermined before birth. Hence, those born in unfortunate circumstances find it challenging to compete with someone with a strong family system, and that’s when they need to adapt.

Individuals without family values can build a support system for themselves through modern means. They can reach out to people who share the same interests and troubles as them through support programs and other social groups. A strong support system can do wonders for an individual’s personal development and growth.

You must consciously connect with others to feel loved and guided in times of need. Joleen & Justin talk about family values and the importance of a strong support system in children’s lives in their autobiography, “Chasing the Dark.”

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Bottom Line:

You might think you are strong and don’t need anyone to help you out of a crisis, but the truth is all humans need companionship and a support system to fall back on whenever they are cornered. Don’t force yourself into a life of loneliness and isolation; work on building a support system with your best interests in their hearts.

Additionally, you must strive to build a strong family system for your children so they can grow in a loving and safe environment.

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